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Saturday, November 1, 2014

PSC M4A3 (W) Shermans - Finished!

I have completed the pack of 5 PSC Shermans.

I have tried to weather these more realistically than the Russian Tanks (here) I finished before - still they turned out a bit rougher than I had first intended. Take a look here to see how they looked prior to weathering and completion of details and tracks.

My only disappointment is with the dust effects I achieved with pigments was lost when I applied a coat of gloss varnish (for protection). I need a new method here - maybe I'll try a matt varnish after the dust and that will help keep the dusty look?

Here they are - hope you like them, Leave a comment!


  1. Hello,

    To keep your dust weathering you need a fixing agent - typically you will apply the fixer, then the weathering, then work off the excess. When this dries, the varnish will not react with the weathering and you will have the effect you want. Good luck!