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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Malifaux - personal painting challenge

Ok, so firstly, this post contains some painting subjects that are bit left field for me.

Let me explain by saying I wanted to get some figures that allowed me to practice painting flesh - for another project which is a bit more 'on topic'. You will immediately see why I chose these figures!

The other main reason I chose these is that the casting and molds are outstanding - the quality is simply unsurpassed for figures in my experience. These figures are roughly 28mm scale.

There is a third in the series awaiting further flesh painting practice!

I should credit ThePaintingClinic video here, for the technique used to paint the stockings.

The Malifaux game itself looks interesting - a very thematic Skirmish type game. These figures are 'Ronin' and part of a larger group which constitutes a player's posse. I won't be pursuing the game though as time does not allow - at least not at the moment!

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