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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Finished Reading - Albuera 1811 (Guy Dempsey)

Having just completed Guy Dempsey's "Albuera 1811" I can thoroughly recommend it.

Aside from the description of the historical context, the battle itself and the aftermath, its has some great material which personalises the battle, by providing a plethora of first hand material written by veterans of the battle.

There are great maps, OOB, and uniform guide.

The other appendices have some interesting anecdotes about the battles veterans and their families and lots of other good stuff.

Recommend it!

... now for Vol III of Thunder on the Danube!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Getting ready for Raab ...

Our gaming group is getting ready for a refight of Raab. In preparation I am rounding out the Austrian OOB. In particular this means I need to paint the Hungarian Insurrection and Landwehr.

Below are a few pics of some of the work completed to date. These are AB15mm figures (my personal favourites) from Eureka (highly recommend Nic and his team's service and quality - fortunately I live in 20 minutes drive from his shop) and painted with Vallejo Acrylics. I use Windsor&Newton brushes, typcially just a size 1.

I should acknowledge my good gaming and painting buddy Vincenzo, a small group of dedicated but far away NapsBattles players in Adelaide (you know who you are!) and the general painting and gaming community (especially all those TMPers) who have opened my eyes and mind to the brave new world of miniatures painting (I might post some 'old' painting efforts to contrast).

Basing is for Napoleon's Battles ruleset. Basing technique after that Mark Case's excellent blog (see links).

Insurrection Hussars (Eisenberg Comitat)

- Close-up

- The whole 'brigade'

Hungarian Grenadiers

These were finished yesterday! (I had to paint something while waiting for the rest of my Hussar order from Eureka!)

- Close-up

- The whole 'brigade'

Some of the Landwehr
These guys were painted late last year, and are a mix of Styrian 'townies' and 'levies' and Upper Austrian Landwehr, 'brigaded' together here.

- The 'brigade'

... oh, and they came first an CANCON this year!!

- First Prize!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog (ever). Please leave a comment. I will try to post some more progress as we move towards Raab later this (?) year!