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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Malifaux - personal painting challenge

Ok, so firstly, this post contains some painting subjects that are bit left field for me.

Let me explain by saying I wanted to get some figures that allowed me to practice painting flesh - for another project which is a bit more 'on topic'. You will immediately see why I chose these figures!

The other main reason I chose these is that the casting and molds are outstanding - the quality is simply unsurpassed for figures in my experience. These figures are roughly 28mm scale.

There is a third in the series awaiting further flesh painting practice!

I should credit ThePaintingClinic video here, for the technique used to paint the stockings.

The Malifaux game itself looks interesting - a very thematic Skirmish type game. These figures are 'Ronin' and part of a larger group which constitutes a player's posse. I won't be pursuing the game though as time does not allow - at least not at the moment!

Painting the PSC 15mm Shermans (WIP) ...

I bought a 5 pack of these models as my first 15mm WW2 purchase, with entering the world of FoW in mind.

This was after viewing this video on ThePaintingClinic YouTube channel which inspired me to attempt the painting and this then got me thinking about the gaming side too. It has been a long time since then and getting these models to this point, including deciding on IABSM in preference to FoW, and researching various techniques on AFVs and 15mm WW2.

This M4A3 (W) 76mm is ready for track painting and final weathering. The chipping is complete, and hopefully approrpriate enough and not a-historical or unrealistic.

Decals are Battlefront. Paints are Vallejo (Model Colour and Panzer Aces). Weathering will be AK Washes and Streaking Grimes.

Let me know if you want any info and what you think by leaving a comment!

Weathering experiments - pushing the limits on two 'old Russian dogs of war'.

I found these 1/100 T-35 and KV2 Zvezda models in my FLGS and couldn't resist.

Having been inspired (or perhaps possessed!) after reading the chipping and rust sections of Mig Jiminez' FAQ2, I wanted to try out some of these ideas in 15mm scale.

Yes so these are a bit over the top, but my 'story' behind these old and rusty behemoths is that they are survivors, grognards, aged soldiers - and they look their age!!

These models are literally a snap to put together, I spent less than 15 minutes each getting them built ready for undercoating. The only additions I made was scoring on the side skirts of the T-35.

I really enjoyed trying some new techniques here, and will refine them for the future - although I have another T-35 undercoated who will get similar treatment!

Let me know if you have any questions about techniques and products. Thanks to the FAQ2 book, HeresyBrush and ThePaintingClinic for ideas and inspiration.


Both together ...


Finishing the Open Fire! StuGs

I posted images my first model over on the HeresyBrush forum, and had some good feedback on improving on my first attempt, which suggested I reduce the size of the chipping and lessen the chipping on the main part of the tank's body.

I have tried to follow this advice on the remaining StuGs, but perhaps needed to take it further.

The second StuGs were painted as the first, and all three are now matt varnished too.

I think they are an improvement, let me know what you think.

(The first StuG is on the right, or # 412)