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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Test Figures - 28mm WW2 Germans

Below are some pics of the trio if test figures painted for the Chain of Command project.

They are the start of my German grenadier platoon.

Figures by Warlord Games. Paints are acrylic by Vallejo and washes by GW, Various colours and techniques applied.

28mm Scratch Builds - Painted at last ...

I have finally managed to paint the 2 of the scratch builds I showed in the previous posts, here and even older here. This is all part of the slow preparation towards being able to play TooFatLardies' "Chain of Command".

Here are some pictures taken of the finished product (with some 28mm Warlord Games late war German Heer for scale).

Hope you like them! Feel free to post any comments.