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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Raab Mapboard Completed!

Further progress on preparations for the Raab refight.

Here are a few pics of the completed mapboard. This is a result of quite a bit of work from my good gaming buddy Vincenzo and I.

The creek in the centre of the board is the Pándzsa bordered by marshy and steep banks, with the fortress farm of Kis-Megyer in the centre and the town of Szabadhegy in an 'L' shape. The Austrians defended the Pándzsa taking the high ground, Kis-Megyer and Szabadhegy Town as their positions, with cavalry covering their left flank and the ford where cavalry could cross.

Unfortunately, I forgot to put the 2 bridges (on crossings on the Austrian right), on the board for most of these photos.

View from the Franco-Italian side
(another 30cm of plain board will be added to that side to 

accommodate their deployment).

View up the Pándzsa from the
direction of Raab (off map)
Looking down the creek from the other direction
Szabadhegy Town

The ford used by French Cavalry
on the Austrian right flank
One of the bridges

Heights behind the farm and town ... complete with vineyard
View back from Austrian far left flank

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions about the construction just ask. Hope you enjoyed it! More Raab progress as it comes to hand.

More Raab Preparation ... rounding up the horses

Momentum is building on the preparations for our re-fight of Raab.

This time I am posting an update on progress with completion of the rest of the Insurrection Hussar Brigades that need painting. Well I've done the horseflesh - here they are. All 56 figures.

They are a bit shiny right now, having had a coat of gloss varnish to keep them protected - final matt coat will be applied when the bases and riders are completed and assembled.

Now onto the cavalrymen!