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Friday, October 16, 2015

28mm Scratch Build Buildings

Well, it has been a long time between blogs.

While feeling unmotivated to paint what I know I should be painting, I have been pursuing some more terrain diversions.

I determined that it was better to do something towards my modelling and gaming goals, rather than do nothing and wait for the right time to complete that painting task.

This time, its 28mm Scratch Built Buildings. These will eventually be used for Chain of Command. Eventually will be a while away!

I had found inspiration from the following sources ...

SolventAbuseUK on Youtube.
The Terrain Tutor on You Tube.
Matakishi's Tea House ( and specifically the Carentan project.

and more recently (and ambitiously)

The work of Emmanuel Nouaillier, which can be seen at his blog and also at various places around the web including here. Truly inspiring.

Here are the fruits of my labour over the past few weeks. There is still a bit to do - including all the painting of course!!

These are using the techniques from Matakishi's Tea House ( and specifically the Carentan project:

This one is made form foamcore, styrene and Vallejo stucco.

The following are using cork tiles instead of foamboard. Roofing is scratch built using card or Wills sheeting.

And these are the first attempts at applying the techniques from Emmanuel Nouaillier. This is an attempt to replicate (approximately) the following facade.

My progress to date.

These are using 3mm foamboard (peeling the paper of the face), styrene and depron.

For this building I have used a product called 'Palight' which is much denser than foamboard. this is similar to the product used by Emmanuel. I have put more effort into this one.

Hope you like them ... when they are painted up, I'll post some pics of the finished product.