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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Little Wars 2016 - The Battle of Raab, 1809: A 2nd Outing

Somewhat confusingly, I'm posting a quick AAR for the second outing of this scenario, held at Little Wars 2016, in Moorabin, Melbourne this weekend past.

So, after a very short discussion, my gaming buddy (Vince) and I decided to put our hard work on public display.

In preparation we modified the scenario from the learnings from our initial playing. Due to a lack of time, despite intentions, we weren't able to swap out any of our older figures with any newly painted ABs - maybe next time.

An early start on Sunday morning saw us travel from the north side of Melbourne to the southern suburb of Moorabin and the Kingston City Hall.

We quickly set up the board and I laid out a pre-prepared defense.

Vince set up to attack in the center and on the Austrian right flank, an a-historical, but interesting alternative to the strategy employed from our first game (an attack on the center and on the Austrian left flank). Below, Eugene contemplates the field before him.

I don't have many pics at hand to show the development of the attack. Fundamentally, the Austrians had to realign to the French attack which unbalanced things for a while. However, the realignment managed to present problems for the French and a number of attacks were made, some repulsed, others drove home. Kis Megyer proved a tough nut to crack with a strong Austrian Line Brigade in the fortified farm complex.

Suffice to say it was a see-sawing affair, and by the time we had to pack up, the game was in the balance. Here are some quick smartphone snaps of the state of the game - from the Austrian left to right.

We are looking forward to our next replay and will hope to learn from our second play, and right our strategic and tactical wrongs in the process.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Good update Commissar... The Austrian reserves did well to make it to the right in time to contest!

  2. Great work!! Impressive scenography. I have seen you use the optional interpenetration rule. Did you use the new rules about firing and assaulting BUAs?

    1. Javier - thanks for your interest. Yes, we use the optional interpenetration rule. We find that even this rule puts us in the mindset of avoiding unit interpenetration altogether.

      We also follow the new BUA rules and all of the revised NB4 rule book apart from interpenetration.

      Hope to post some more pics soon.